AngellXROne Metaverse Incubator

Incubation for the Open Metaverse.

AngellXR is a Metaverse incubator focusing on open Metaverse projects that prioritize interoperability. We believe these types of projects represent the greatest chance of success in the Metaverse landscape, as well as the highest profit potential for our investors.

Interoperability drives potential, and scale.

Interoperability is crucial to the manifestation of the Metaverse. Open protocols unlock new potential for Metaverse creators and users. The first Metaverse platforms that achieve widespread adoption will leverage interoperability to achieve their vision.

We unlock Founder potential, with a proven system.

Today, founders must choose to build within walled gardens, which limits their potential. We believe in funding founders who are building bridges in, and across the Metaverse.

"It's dangerous to go alone! Take this."

We understand the industry, and have built relationships with a variety of partners and affiliates in the Metaverse. For-profit, and open source. Blockchain, and no-blockchain. We believe in one Metaverse.